Scott Kosanovich

Vice President

With more than a decade of experience, Scott Kosanovich has emerged as a go-to member for political campaigns and causes. His tenure has been marked by significant leadership roles, from Presidential all the way down ballot, demonstrating his expertise in managing high-stakes political campaigns. His strategic insights and deep understanding of political dynamics have consistently yielded impactful results.

As Caucus Director at Florida House Victory, Scott was pivotal in flipping 8 seats in the House, the most gains in over 20 years, showcasing his ability to craft and execute comprehensive statewide operations. His experience extends to key positions with multiple presidential and gubernatorial races. These roles have enabled him to navigate and influence the complex landscape of political campaigns effectively.

Renowned for his data-driven approach, Scott excels in creating and implementing communication strategies across multiple platforms. His collaborative spirit, coupled with his ability to organize the efforts of various teams and vendors, ensures cohesive messaging and effective campaign execution. His leadership and strategic planning are the cornerstones of his approach, leading to tangible successes for MDW clients. 

Scott lives in Clearwater, Florida with his Wife Adrienne, their son George, and their dog Clyde.