Florida Senate president says state will consider Texas-style abortion ban, putting DeSantis in political vise

In a move that could produce a huge political battle and become a major issue in the 2022 elections, the president of the Florida Senate said Thursday the Legislature would consider enacting a Texas-state style law effectively banning most abortions.

The new Texas law bans abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy, a point at which many women don’t know they’re pregnant. It empowers anyone to sue anyone else who in any way provides any kind of help to a woman seeking an abortion after that point, even a ride-share driver who takes someone to have the procedure.

Democratic strategist Andrew Dolberg, director of strategic initiatives with the firm MDW Communications, said the issue could mobilize his party’s voters.

“Politically speaking, it is a topic that Democrats will rally around,” he said. “Democrats are going to get riled up about the actual threat now that Roe v. Wade has effectively been nullified.”

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