Designed to Win

MDW Communications is a nationally recognized, award-winning political advertising agency.

We design digital and direct mail strategies that have helped over 150 progressive campaigns and causes win since 2014.

AAPC Pollie Awards
  • Website, State Legislature
  • Direct Mail, Local/Municipal/Regional
  • Best Use of Direct Mail (<$1 million)
  • Best Direct Mail Campaign – Democrat
  • Direct Mail, Best Use of Illustration or Photography
  • Website, U.S. House of Representatives
Reed Awards
  • Best Mail Piece for County, Local or Judicial (Non-Partisan)
  • Best Mail Piece for Special Election – Democratic
  • Best Landing Page (Democratic)
  • Best Microsite (Democratic)
  • Best Website for County, Local, or Judicial
  • Best Website for Statewide Campaign
  • Best Website for US House / Senate (Democratic)
Campaigns and Causes

Designed to Win

Winning strategies. Proven experience.

MDW is made up of a passionate team of designers and strategists who specialize in winning votes, raising money, and influencing public opinion.

Full service. That's the MDW difference.

Our websites, emails, digital ads, and direct mail are all made by the same incredible team, all in-house. That means faster results and better quality.

Direct Mail
MDW’s direct mail has led to dozens of high-profile Democratic victories up and down the ballot.
Digital Advertising
MDW’s breakthrough digital advertising strategies focus on a mobile-first approach to winning votes and raising money.
Digital Fundraising
MDW has helped raise millions for our clients through state-of-the-art digital fundraising strategies.
Web Development
MDW produces some of the finest political websites for Democratic candidates in the US.
Persuasion Email
With social media companies placing greater restrictions on advertising, and with our global health crisis forcing many campaigns to limit in-person canvassing, the importance of email as a voter persuasion tool has never been greater.
Brand Development
MDW specializes in building out impactful brand identities for campaigns, non-profits, and advocacy organizations.